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EZ-GO Golf Carts At McMichael's Equipment

At McMichaels Equipment, we pride ourselves on being one of the top Ez-Go golf cart dealers in Warrenton, Virginia. Whether you need a cart for your personal use or for your business, we have a variety of models to choose from, including gas or electric options. Our experienced staff can also help you customize your cart with accessories such as windshields, lights, and more. Trust us to provide you with the best products and service in the area.

Compare ezgo golf carts

Onward 6 Passenger Club Car

Villager 2 PTV Club Car

Villager 2+2 Club Car

EZGO Freedom RXV

EZGO Freedom TXT

EZGO Valor









18 mph

Gas Cart: 19 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph


Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph

Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph

Gas Cart: 19.5 mph

Electric Cart: 15 mph


Electric Cart: 375 Amp AC

Gas Cart: 429 cc Kohler

429 cc Kohler

48-volt DC

150 cc

150 cc

150 cc

Weight (Electric)

1429 lbs

909 lbs

1129 lbs

565 lbs

577 lbs

555 lbs

Weight (Gas)

1101 lbs

651 lbs


676 lbs


723 lbs


683 lbs


Which is better EZGO or Club Car Golf Carts?

EZGO golf carts are better if you want an affordable golf cart that is easier to modify. Club Car golf carts are expensive but preferred for those who want more comfort and advanced features. Have a question? Contact Us or Call (540)-349-2800

Top Benefits-EZGO Golf Carts

Ease of Modification

It’s very convenient to find components of EZGO carts and upgrade the old models. These carts are very durable, long-lasting and mostly remain in great shape. You can easily modify and add new parts to older versions of EZGO golf carts due to the nature of their design. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Hassle-free Drive

The new models of EZGO golf carts are very secure and restful to drive. Bumps and turns can be managed effortlessly. Overall, you can experience a pleasant drive.

Moderate Pricing

EZGO carts are very moderately priced. Amidst the top three companies of golf carts, namely EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car, the EZGO stands out as the most reasonably priced. 

Long-running Battery 

If you are interested in buying an electric golf cart, then you need to be mindful that a major part of your investment will be towards batteries. The biggest expense of an electric golf cart is its batteries. The two things that people mainly consider are the battery life (before needing a charge) and the longevity of the battery before replacement.

A part of a battery’s life depends on its type and quality. EZGO carts generally come with batteries that have a long lifespan.